Houses for sale brossard

Houses for sale Brossard

Why should you consider moving to Brossard? What are the reasons that could encourage you to move your family there?

Upscale neighborhoods for wealthy people

It is now no secret that Brossard is currently full of some of the most beautiful upscale neighborhoods in the province. If you are looking for a new neighborhood with luxury homes aimed at wealthy people, you are going to be served. In the “L” district, we find the most incredible houses in the city. In the “R” district, we find houses richer than the average, and in the “P” district, more modest houses. It is not for nothing that wealthy people move to Brossard!

Quartier DIX30 and the many services found there

One thing that is absolutely not lacking in Brossard are services and shops. The famous Quartier DIX30 offers a mind-boggling array of boutiques, shops and restaurants / bars. Although this new shopping district lacks a bit of “soul”, the fact remains that it benefits the inhabitants of the area, who only have a few minutes by car to do to find everything they could possibly want. needs ! The variety is certainly not lacking!

Condos for sale brossard

Experience multiculturalism in the middle of the suburbs

One of Montreal’s greatest qualities is its multiculturalism and the fact that there is a host of immigrants in the metropolis. This variety of cultures is absolutely incredible. In Brossard, there is also a strong presence of immigrant communities. In fact, Brossard is probably the most multicultural suburban city in Quebec. There is a Chinese community of over 8,000 inhabitants in Brossard, as well as several other nationalities. This helps to create an open and very interesting urban environment.

Houses for sale brossard

Proximity to the metropolis at a lower cost

Many people work in downtown Montreal, but cannot afford to live in the metropolis. Others just want to be able to take land and buy a house without breaking the bank. Brossard then becomes a very interesting option, because it is a city located simply on the other side of the bridges. You will only be a few minutes from the city center, at a lower cost. This is a big plus, so think about it!

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