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Know that in addition to providing you with many financial benefits, buying a home can improve your quality of life. Not to mention that becoming an owner provides great freedom, a strong sense of pride and peace of mind. An invaluable gain!

A well-suited home

Being a homeowner means, first and foremost, living in a house that suits your tastes and your lifestyle. Your family is growing and you want to offer your children a backyard or a playroom in the basement? In addition to being an excellent long-term investment, buying a property will allow you to develop such spaces. In addition, if you opt for a condominium or a plex, you will save time on maintenance in the first case, and benefit from an interesting additional income in the second.

Build up capital

Paying for a house is like saving for the long term. Instead of paying rent to someone else, the mortgage payments you make each month fund your assets and allow you to build up sizable capital, which you later recover when the payments are due.

Why Should You Hire A Real Estate Professional?

While it can be appealing to conduct the home buying process on your own, you may want to hire a real estate professional to help you land your dream home. Here are a few reasons why it is recommended that buyers hire a real estate professional before they begin shopping for a home.

1) Buyer Representation

Real estate agent is required by law to have their buyers’ best interests in mind when trying to strike a deal, and this is their fiduciary responsibility. A buyer’s broker will serve as your advocate as you interact with sellers and their listing brokers. A home purchase is often the largest financial transaction that a person makes in life. With that said, it’s important to have an expert on your side that can advise to help you obtain the best outcome.

2) Negotiation Experience

Real estate deals have many moving parts. When it comes time to negotiate, you will want a neutral, third party advocate in your corner. Even if negotiation tactics are a strength of yours, it helps to have an understanding of the current market standards to know what you should be requesting from the seller. A real estate professional will know things like: How much are sellers generally paying in closing costs? When low-ball offers, bidding wars or contract contingencies come into play, your broker will bring their expertise to the table to provide the best outcome.

3) Market Knowledge

When shopping for a home, it is crucial to understand the market values on homes and how to compare properties. An experienced realtor Montreal will be able to conduct research and present you with plenty of data on the current state of the market. Additionally, they will be able to advise you if a home you’re looking at is priced way above market value or below.

4) Neighborhood Expertise

A real estate broker can provide up to date information on utilities, schools, zoning, traffic patterns, and other characteristics that will help you decide if a particular neighbourhood is the right fit for you. Finding a great house is just one piece of the puzzle; a local expert can help you narrow down your search to find a community that adds to your overall quality of life.

5) Home Search Support

If you want to supercharge your home search, a buyer’s agent can help you get a head start. First, your agent will set up a consult to gain a good understanding of what characteristics and features of a home are important to you, and help you prioritize those factors to narrow the search. Once those factors are determined, the agent will sift through all available real estate listings Montreal and surroundings to find the options that are worth scheduling a showing for the buyer to see in person. While this may seem like something that’s easy enough to do on your own, it can be very time consuming, and without the help of a real estate professional inside scoop, you may waste your time on a outdated listing. Think of your buyer’s agent as an extra set of hands that can help you with the legwork of the research, fact check the findings, and coordinate appointments for showings.

6) Access To Experts

The are several professionals involved in the home buying process, including mortgage lenders, home inspectors, title companies, and more. Your real estate professional likely has a good idea of which partners to recommend to help ensure that you receive excellent service every step of the way.

7) Paperwork Management

Buying a home involves more than picking a home and signing on the dotted line. If reading and comprehending 15-page-contracts and their addendums and disclosures sounds like something you’d dread, hiring a real estate professional will come in handy. Your broker can help you gather, prepare, and understand all of the documentation that is required to buy your home.

8) No Out of Pocket Costs

A real estate professional's commission is paid for by the seller and not the buyer. The commission is based on the final sale price of the home, and the seller’s broker typically splits that commission with the buyer’s broker once the purchase is complete. Therefore, there are no out of pocket costs for the buyer.

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